Ghana, India, Somalia, and more

The campaign here in Ghana is getting lots of press nationally and internationally, which is a good thing.  In other Ghana news, here’s a Herald Sun story speculating on the end of chocolate as we know it (the majority of which is grown here in West Africa).  Lastly, a story about 13 brands of antimalarials being recalled in Ghana for counterfeiting (counterfeit drugs are a huge problem in many African nations).

We will have more information soon about the number of children reached during the Ghana campaign (and how this affects the rate of vaccination, etc).  We will be filming more at the Baobab clinic (in Biriwa, Ghana) tomorrow, for a local perspective on how the campaign went.

In other international news:

ZIMBABWE — Unfortunately in Zimbabwe, despite a UNICEF campaign that inoculated 5 million children earlier this year, the outbreak is continuing, killing more kids every week.

PAKISTAN — In Pakistan UNICEF is short on funds and may not reach the 26 million children they have targeted for measles inoculation.

INDIA — India is gearing up to inoculate 134 million children, which as far as I know is the largest measles campaign thus far (earlier this year China did around 100 million) and could mean 100,000 fewer child deaths each year.

SOMALIA — Reportedly at least 19 children have died in the last 2 days in an outbreak in Somalia.  The situation is very tense as aid organizations have been expelled from the area, which suggests little will be done to stanch the outbreak.

PHILIPPINES — Outbreak now being reported in the Philippines as well.

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