About The Film

The film is following a group of Seattle kids raising funds to inoculate children in the developing world against measles.  During filming we’re getting to know the kids, following their progress as they learn about measles and brainstorm ways to help the Global Measles Initiative.  Through the summer of 2010 our film crew will be following their fundraising efforts, and will then film the proceeds through donation-to-inoculation.  Ultimately the film will hopefully serve as a tool to get more classrooms and schools involved in fundraising to eradicate measles.


We are following a group of elementary kids who attend a bilingual public school in the Seattle area, as well as several junior high school, high school, and even college students who are helping with the project.  The idea is that the world will not be free of measles unless we get people from all walks of life involved, and we’re overjoyed at the responsiveness we’ve had from people in all corners of the Seattle community.


Does this sound interesting to you?  We’re a group of dynamic individuals who aren’t afraid to take on big problems; we also realize that the more help we get, the more successful we’ll be.  If you’d like to be involved, we’d love your help.  Whatever you bring to the table, as long as you want to make a difference, we’d love to talk to you.  Drop us a line.


Adam Burtle — is a documentary filmmaker with nearly a decade of experience in cutting-edge digital cinema.  He has independently produced and directed two feature-length documentaries, as well as acted as technical consultant and director of photography on several other projects.  In 2008 he began shifting his focus to medicine, and in 2009 enrolled in college with the intention of applying to medical school.  Adam hopes that his experience in documentary film will make him a better doctor and advocate for his patients.  His primary medical interest is in infectious disease, global health, and addressing structural violence.

Jay McLean-Riggs, MD MPH — is a professor and physician who has worked all over Africa, and currently teaches at Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College.  She is acting as a mentor for the project/film.

Miranda Perdue — is a producer for the film. She has a background in project management, grant writing, and fundraising. She has a linguistics degree from the University of Wisconsin, and is interested in interpersonal communication and the ways our language shapes our perception of the world around us.

Ashley Redshaw — is the operations manager for the team. Her strong organizational skills keep us moving forward; she arranges meetings, fundraisers, and travel, and ensures everyone stays in the loop. She is currently studying at the University of Washington, and has a passion for human and animal rights.

Logan Taylor — is a Seattle college student with extensive fundraising experience; although he’s in a boat near Alaska now, his passion for helping people around the world continues to inspire us.

For those involved with the project [who want to be listed here] and whom I have forgotten to list: drop me a line on the measles e-mail group!)