Project Update: June

Things are really underway.

As Adam mentioned in a previous post, we found an amazing group of fourth-graders, and they are doing big things. We visited their classroom and talked with them about what measles is, how life is different in developing countries, and how they can help. Before we even had a chance to ask them if they’d work with us, they were emptying their pockets and backpacks to donate their spare change. They went class to class and asked the rest of their school to help out, too.

We had a potluck with some of the kids at a local park earlier this week, so we could discuss what we can do this summer, and to get to know their parents. We’re planning a handful of fundraisers–4th of July festivities, a children’s parade, and possibly a trip to a surprise Seattle location. Check back soon to meet the kids and learn about their progress! We hope to make this website a resource for you, so we’ll be including interviews with directions for hosting your own fundraiser. I’ve been so inspired by the group, and I’m sure you will be too.

On the film-making side of things, things are moving slowly but steadily. We’ve acquired and tested some new audio equipment, shopped around for plane tickets to Africa, and are approaching some organizations to help us with our funding. We’re planning to film a big measles vaccination campaign in Ghana in mid-November, and are currently making a list of potential hosts and solidifying our travel schedule. We’d like to visit some areas where outbreaks are occurring (like the Malawi area in the South, for example), but we aren’t yet sure if we have the funding to do so.

And speaking of funding: we’re starting to set up a shop here on our website, where all purchases will sponsor a vaccination and help us create a film to inspire communities across the country. There’s not much yet, but there will be soon! Stay tuned!

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