Track our fundraising!

So many things have been happening lately it’s hard to keep everyone in the loop.  Since June we’ve been working with the kids at JSIS and in the last few weeks they’ve begun to fundraise: amongst themselves and their families, by educating other classrooms and asking those students to donate, and by independently arranging “lemon-aid” stands and other novel activities.  Everyone involved with the project is immensely proud of the initiative of these kids (and slightly disappointed we missed our chance to film their first lemon-aid stands — they didn’t even tell us they were going to do them!), and extremely impressed at their savvy.

So everyone can stay in the loop, Kamilia suggested we have a fundraising tracking page, and I think that’s a great idea!  So now, if you hover over the “About Us” near the top of the page, you’ll see “Fundraising Progress” near the bottom of the list of pages that pops up.  Or you can just go to — We’ll do our best to keep that page updated, so if you’re fundraising, remember to tell us (preferably ahead of time, so we can film it!).  Thanks!

*Change For a Billion is a registered charitable organization in Washington state.  We are 100% volunteer-run, which means that 100% of monies collected go to our mission.  Officially our mission statement is as such, “Change For a Billion seeks to address the needs of those who live in extreme poverty.  Through education as well as direct action, our mission is to promote universal access to vaccination for the poorest of the world.”  This means that in the case of the kids raising money, every single penny will go to buying vaccines for children in the developing world.

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